The Most Underrated Episodes of The Office

Are you a diehard fan of The Office?
Have you rewatched the series multiple times and can recite every line from every episode?
While some episodes stand out as fan favorites, there are a few that often get overlooked and are highly underrated.

From awkward moments to hilarious pranks, The Office has delivered some unforgettable episodes over its nine seasons.
In this article, we will dive into the most underrated episodes of The Office that you may have missed or forgotten about.
So grab some popcorn, sit back, and get ready to laugh as we take a trip down memory lane.

Fun Run”- Season 4, Episode 1 & 2

You’re gonna love ‘Fun Run’ because it’s not just one episode, but two – giving you twice the laughs and twice the heartwarming moments.

In this episode, Michael hits Meredith with his car and the whole office comes together to raise money for her medical bills. The first part of the episode is hilarious as Michael tries to make amends with Meredith and the office tries to figure out how to raise money.

But what really makes ‘Fun Run’ stand out is the second part of the episode. As Meredith recovers in the hospital, the office rallies around her and we see a different side of each character. Jim and Pam share a tender moment as they worry about Meredith’s health, while Dwight shows a surprising amount of empathy for his coworker.

Even Michael, who is usually self-centered and clueless, puts aside his own desires to make sure Meredith is taken care of.

‘Fun Run’ is a perfect example of how The Office can balance humor and heart, and it’s definitely an episode that’s worth revisiting.

Branch Wars”- Season 4, Episode 10

With Jim’s transfer to the Stamford branch, tensions rise between him and Dwight in ‘Branch Wars.’ This makes for an intense and hilarious episode that showcases the dynamic between the two characters.

After learning that their Utica branch counterparts have been stealing their clients, Michael, Dwight, and Jim decide to take matters into their own hands and launch a surprise attack on Utica. The episode is filled with clever pranks and witty one-liners. For example, Jim dresses up as Dwight and says, “Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica.”Dwight’s iconic line, “I declare bankruptcy!”also makes an appearance.

‘Branch Wars’ highlights the loyalty and competitiveness within the Dunder Mifflin family. The Scranton branch rallies together to take on their rivals. Overall, ‘Branch Wars’ is a gem of an episode that often gets overlooked, but it’s definitely worth a rewatch for any fan of The Office.

The Injury”- Season 2, Episode 12

In ‘The Injury,’ Michael’s unusual accident leads to a series of hilarious mishaps and reveals the true colors of his colleagues at Dunder Mifflin.

When Michael burns his foot on a George Foreman grill, he finds himself unable to drive, walk, or even put on his own socks. He calls everyone in his phone book to come to his rescue, but it’s Dwight who ultimately shows up and carries him to safety.

As the day progresses, Michael becomes more and more dependent on his colleagues for help, and they become increasingly annoyed with his demands. We see Jim and Pam struggle to keep their composure as they try to find a way to avoid Michael’s constant calls and requests.

Meanwhile, Dwight seizes the opportunity to gain favor with his boss, and Angela shows her true colors as she reveals how little she cares about Michael’s well-being.

Overall, ‘The Injury’ is a hilarious and revealing episode that highlights the dysfunctional dynamics of the Dunder Mifflin office.

The Dundies”- Season 2, Episode 1

From the very start of “The Dundies,”we see Michael’s eagerness to celebrate his employees and create a sense of community in the office. He’s determined to make the annual Dundie Awards a success, despite the lack of enthusiasm from his coworkers.

As the night progresses, we see Michael’s attempts to rally the crowd with his cringe-worthy jokes and awkward dance moves. Yet, despite the initial reluctance, we witness the characters begin to let loose and enjoy themselves, as they’re recognized for their unique talents and personalities.

“The Dundies”is an underrated gem of an episode. It showcases the heart and humor that’s made The Office such a beloved show. It highlights Michael’s desire to be seen as a leader and friend to his employees, and the lengths he’ll go to create a sense of community in the workplace.

It also sets the stage for the character development and relationships that we see throughout the rest of the series. So, the next time you rewatch The Office, don’t overlook “The Dundies”- it’s a true testament to the magic of the show.

The Surplus”- Season 5, Episode 10

As a dedicated fan of The Office, you always get excited to rewatch ‘The Surplus’ and witness the chaos that ensues when the employees are given a budget surplus to spend.

The episode is filled with hilarious moments, from Dwight’s attempt to create a doomsday device to Creed’s request for a fake ID. The tension between Jim and Dwight also reaches a boiling point when they both try to convince Michael to spend the money on their own respective projects.

But what really makes ‘The Surplus’ stand out is how it showcases the unique personalities of each character. From Pam’s desire to buy new chairs for the office to Kelly’s insistence on a new espresso machine, each employee has their own idea of how the budget should be spent.

It’s a great example of how The Office excels at creating a diverse and memorable cast of characters who are all equally entertaining.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who directed each of the episodes mentioned?

You’re asking who directed each of the mentioned episodes. Unfortunately, the article doesn’t provide that information. You might have to do some additional research to find out.

What was the average viewership for each of these episodes?

You asked about the average viewership for each episode. Unfortunately, I don’t have that information. However, I could help you find it if you give me more details or sources to look it up.

Were any of these episodes nominated for or won any awards?

You may be surprised to know that several episodes of The Office were nominated for or won awards. “Dinner Party”was nominated for an Emmy, while “Stress Relief”won one. “Casual Friday”also received a Writers Guild of America nomination.

How did the cast and crew react to filming any particularly memorable scenes in these episodes?

When filming particularly memorable scenes in The Office, the cast and crew were reportedly excited and often found themselves breaking character. They enjoyed the creative freedom and ability to improvise, resulting in some of the show’s most iconic moments.

Did any of the guest stars in these episodes have any interesting behind-the-scenes stories or experiences on set?

You may be interested to know that some guest stars on The Office had interesting behind-the-scenes stories. For example, Amy Adams was almost unrecognizable in her role as Katy, and Idris Elba was actually nervous to play the intimidating character, Charles Miner.


So there you have it, the most underrated episodes of The Office. Sure, they may not be as well-known as ‘Dinner Party’ or ‘Stress Relief’, but they still have their own charm and humor that make them worth watching.

From Michael hitting Meredith with his car in ‘The Injury’ to the epic battle between Scranton and Utica in ‘Branch Wars’, these episodes are filled with memorable moments that will leave you laughing and cringing in equal measure.

So next time you’re in the mood for some classic Office humor, don’t overlook these hidden gems. Give ‘Fun Run’, ‘The Dundies’, ‘The Surplus’, ‘Branch Wars’, and ‘The Injury’ another chance and you might just find yourself falling in love with the show all over again.

After all, The Office may have ended years ago, but its legacy lives on through these underrated episodes that are just waiting to be rediscovered.