How to put pictures on widgets

Want to add a personal touch to your widgets? Learn how to put pictures on widgets and transform your home screen into a gallery. You’ll be able to showcase your favorite memories and make your phone truly yours.

In just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to select the perfect image, customize the frame, and save your creation. Get ready to bring your widgets to life with this easy guide.

Widget Wonderland

Enter the enchanting realm of Widget Wonderland and discover the endless possibilities of adding captivating images to your widgets.

You can swipe between three different widget sizes.

This magical world is filled with a wide array of stunning visuals that will breathe life into your widgets and make them truly come alive. With just a few simple steps, you can transform your ordinary widgets into eye-catching masterpieces.

Whether you want to showcase your favorite photographs, promote your business, or simply add a touch of personal flair, Widget Wonderland has everything you need. From beautiful landscapes to adorable animals, the options are limitless.

Note: that the widget acts as another app icon – everything will adjust to accommodate the widget.

So, step into Widget Wonderland today and unlock the power of visual storytelling on your widgets. It’s time to make your widgets stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Welcome to Widget Wonderland!

Select Your Canvas

Once you’ve entered the enchanting realm of Widget Wonderland, it’s time to choose the canvas for your captivating images. Selecting the right canvas is crucial as it sets the stage for your pictures to shine.

Before making a decision, consider the size and shape of your widgets. If you have square or rectangular widgets, opt for a canvas with similar proportions to avoid distortion. On the other hand, if your widgets are circular, choose a canvas that complements their shape.

Additionally, think about the background color and texture of the canvas. A neutral or plain background can make your images stand out, while a textured or patterned background adds visual interest.

Tap into Galleries

To access the pictures you want to add to your widgets, simply tap into your device’s galleries.

Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android device, the process is quite similar. Start by locating the gallery app on your home screen or in your app drawer. Tap on it to open the app.

You can select the size and location of the photos widget on your iPhone, but you can’t choose specific iPhone photo albums or photos to appear in the widget.

Once you’re inside the gallery, you’ll see all the photos and videos stored on your device. Scroll through the options and select the picture you want to add to your widget. Tap on it to open it in full screen.

It has a semi-transparency effect and supports Google Picasa and Google Image Search.

Next, look for the share button, usually represented by an arrow pointing upwards or a three-dot menu. Tap on it and select the option to ‘Add to Home Screen’ or ‘Add to Widgets.’

You’re better off downloading a third part photo widget app until Apple decides to roll out some new features.

Follow the prompts to customize the size and placement of the picture on your widget. Once you’re satisfied, tap ‘Done’ or ‘Add’ to finish the process.

Customizing the Frame

To customize the frame of your picture widget, start by accessing the widget settings. Once you have opened the widget settings, look for the option to customize the frame. This will usually be labeled as ‘Frame’ or ‘Border.’

Click on this option to open a menu of customization options. Here, you can choose the color, thickness, and style of the frame for your picture widget. You may also have the option to add effects such as shadows or gradients to the frame.

This app adheres to the aesthetics of the screen, and its user interface allows users to have full control over photos, including the order in which they’re displayed.

Experiment with different settings until you find the perfect frame that complements your picture and fits your widget design. Remember, the frame is an important aspect of your widget’s appearance, so take the time to customize it to your liking.

Screen widget

Add a Picture Widget on Samsung Phone Add a Picture Widget on Other Android Phones Using Notes Widget Using a Third-Party App Related: Spotify’s home screen widget is back on its Android app Best Android Widgets: Must Have Widgets for Your Android Smartphone Google Adds New Swipeable Wear OS Widget Called Tiles Note: The steps mentioned in this section of the article hold true only for New Zealand products.

You can change the rotation interval (there are nine options), as well as offset the main photo, so you see more from the list in the background.

They can be a useful shortcut to viewing information from the likes of background apps, such as news feeds and fitness trackers.

However, there is currently no way to set a featured photo when adding photo widgets in this manner.

If you’re developing a custom widget on Android, you can set a schedule for it to update every hour or two hours.

Save and Showcase

How can you save and showcase your picture widget?

Once you have customized your picture widget with the desired frame, it’s time to save and showcase it.

Saving your picture widget is as simple as clicking on the ‘Save’ button or icon provided in the widget editing interface. This will ensure that all your changes are preserved and the widget is ready to be displayed.

To showcase your picture widget, you can add it to your website or blog by embedding the widget code into the desired page or post.

You can use them to display pretty images that complement your wallpaper or match your color scheme.

Quick functions like Cleaner, WiFi, torch, mobile data, aeroplane mode, Bluetooth, hotspot, and lock, Clock, Calendar, Weather, Notes, Calculator, Music, Chrome, and few third-party apps are all you can see in the Android home screen widgets.

Alternatively, you can share the widget on social media platforms by using the provided share options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Put Pictures on Widgets on All Types of Smartphones?
Yes, you can put pictures on widgets on all types of smartphones. It’s a great way to customize your home screen and make it more personal. Just follow the instructions specific to your device.

Is It Possible to Add Multiple Pictures on a Single Widget?
Yes, it is possible to add multiple pictures on a single widget. You can easily customize your widget and select multiple photos to display. Just follow the instructions and enjoy your personalized widget experience.

How Do I Add Pictures to My Android Widgets?
If you don’t want to install third-party applications, you can try a free application that displays your pictures in a widget.

How Can I Resize the Pictures on the Widget?
To resize the pictures on the widget, you can simply click on the image and drag the corners to adjust the size. It’s a quick and easy way to customize your widget’s appearance.

Are There Any Limitations on the File Size or Format of the Pictures That Can Be Used on Widgets?
There are no limitations on the file size or format of the pictures that can be used on widgets. You can use any file format and size that you prefer.

Can I Add Animated or GIF Images on Widgets?
Yes, you can add animated or gif images on widgets. There are no limitations on the file size or format of the pictures that can be used, so go ahead and make your widgets more dynamic!


In conclusion, adding pictures to your widgets is a fun and easy way to personalize your device. With just a few simple steps, you can tap into your gallery and customize the frame to create a unique and visually appealing widget.

So go ahead and save your creation, showcase your favorite pictures, and transform your home screen into a widget wonderland.

Enjoy the new look!

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