How to Delete Linkedin Messages

Are you tired of cluttered LinkedIn inboxes? Deleting LinkedIn messages is a simple yet essential task to keep your communication organized.

In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of deleting messages on LinkedIn. We will also highlight common mistakes to avoid and share tips and tricks for efficiently managing your messages.

LinkedIn is a professional network; therefore, sending the wrong message can damage your professional image.

By following our best practices, you can securely delete LinkedIn messages and maintain a clean and streamlined inbox.

The Importance of Deleting Linkedin Messages

Deleting your LinkedIn messages is important because it helps maintain a clean and organized inbox. When you regularly delete your messages, you prevent your inbox from becoming cluttered and overwhelming. This makes it easier for you to find and respond to important messages in a timely manner.

Whether you want to start a fresh conversation or continue an ongoing one, click on the video icon next to where you’d type a message.

LinkedIn messaging is useful for connecting with members in your network, but sometimes we send the wrong message to the wrong person.

By removing unnecessary messages, you can also ensure that your inbox only contains relevant and meaningful conversations. Additionally, deleting your LinkedIn messages can help protect your privacy and security. Since messages often contain personal and professional information, keeping them stored indefinitely can pose a risk. By deleting them, you minimize the chances of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

Overall, taking the time to delete your LinkedIn messages is a simple yet effective way to keep your inbox tidy and secure.

Individual Message

Messages can be deleted within 60 minutes after it is sent, and you can delete the entire thread of messages whenever you want The process of deleting an individual message or an entire thread of messages remains the same.

After 60 minutes, you need to delete the entire conversation with a particular person in your messaging tab to delete messages within.

While you can’t delete an individual message on LinkedIn, you are able to delete an entire thread Type into your browser’s address bar, and hit ↵ Enter or ⏎ Return on your keyboard.. – You can also use LinkedIn’s mobile app on an iPhone, iPad or Android.

Step-by-Step Guide to Deleting Linkedin Messages

To remove unwanted conversations on LinkedIn, follow this step-by-step guide:

1. Open the LinkedIn app or website and log into your account.

2. Go to your Messages tab and find the conversation you want to delete.

3. Click on the conversation to open it.

4. Look for the three dots on the top right corner of the conversation window and click on them.

5. A drop down menu will appear, and select the ‘Delete conversation’ option.

6. Confirm your decision by clicking ‘Delete’ on the pop-up window.

7. Finally, refresh your Messages tab to ensure that the conversation has been successfully deleted.

There is a separate way to delete LinkedIn messages on mobile phones and desktops.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Deleting Linkedin Messages

When removing conversations on LinkedIn, it’s important to be aware of common mistakes you should avoid.

First, don’t rush into deleting messages without giving it proper thought. Take a moment to consider the potential consequences of removing the conversation, such as losing valuable information or damaging professional relationships.

Secondly, be cautious of deleting messages in a fit of anger or frustration. It’s easy to let emotions get the best of us, but deleting conversations impulsively can lead to regrets later on.

Thirdly, double-check the conversation before hitting that delete button. Ensure that you are deleting the correct messages and not removing important discussions by mistake.

LinkedIn’s messaging function is useful for connecting with members of your LinkedIn network, but sometimes it’s helpful to clear out unwanted messages.

When you find the conversation you want to delete, click on the three dots in the top-right corner of the conversation box.

Lastly, be mindful of the impact your actions may have on others involved in the conversation. Deleting messages without proper communication or explanation can come across as rude or disrespectful.

User Interface

LinkedIn has been working on the user interface to make it consistent, clean and very image lead for some time They have been rolling out the changes for some months, seemingly starting with the lightweight users and accounts first.

To delete anything and everything on your LinkedIn account, just skip the form, go straight to We are frequently updating support to other social network services.

Tips and Tricks for Efficiently Deleting Linkedin Messages

If you want to efficiently remove conversations on LinkedIn, try utilizing some helpful tips and tricks.

First, make use of the ‘Select All’ feature to quickly select multiple messages at once. Simply click on the small checkbox that appears when you hover over a message, and then click on ‘Select All’ at the top of the conversation. This will allow you to delete all the selected messages with just one click.

You don’t need to click the message icon present in their introduction card It’s becoming more important to know how to delete linkedin messages..

Another useful tip is to use the search bar to find specific conversations or keywords. This can help you quickly locate and delete the messages you want to remove.

Lastly, remember to regularly review and delete old conversations to keep your LinkedIn inbox organized and clutter-free.

Deleting your messages is just as easy if you’re using a mobile device to access LinkedIn.

Individual messages are deleted from both your and your connections conversation but deleting threads only deletes things from your side.

Furthermore, if you want to restore the archive messages, follow this method: Hit the“Archives”option.

Best Practices for Securely Deleting Linkedin Messages

One of the best ways to securely remove your LinkedIn conversations is by utilizing the ‘Select All’ feature and the search bar.

Here’s how you delete a single message on LinkedIn on your desktop device:. – In Messaging click on the conversation and hover over the specific message you want to delete.

Click on the delete option and then confirm your deletion.

Although LinkedIn is a well-managed and professional platform, spam and bullies are common, and often, these spammy messages can create a mess in your inbox.

When you want to delete multiple messages at once, simply click on the ‘Select All’ checkbox located in the top left corner of your messages page. This will automatically select all the messages on that page.

If you have more messages beyond the first page, you can click on the ‘Select all conversations’ button that appears at the top of the page to select all messages in your inbox.

As per the website description, to use this feature on mobile, “press-and-hold or double tap on the message to open up a menu of options.

Additionally, you can use the search bar to filter and select specific conversations that you want to delete.

Remember that when you delete the messages, it’s only deleted at your end LinkedIn has announced new messaging features to give users more ways to communicate and more control over their conversations and messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Recover Deleted Linkedin Messages?

No, you can’t recover deleted LinkedIn messages. Once you delete them, they’re permanently gone. So, be careful before deleting any messages. There’s no way to retrieve them afterwards.

Will the Other Person Be Notified if I Delete a Message on Linkedin?

If you delete a message on LinkedIn, the other person will not be notified.
Deleting messages is a discreet way to manage your conversations without alerting the other person.

What is profile from scratch?

Even if you reactivate your LinkedIn profile within 20 days all your data will be gone and you have to build your profile from scratch.

How Do I Delete Messages from LinkedIn Quickly and Easily?

After 60 minutes of sending the message, you cannot delete a specific message, but you can delete the entire conversation thread containing the message.

Is It Possible to Delete Multiple Messages at Once on Linkedin?

Yes, it’s possible to delete multiple messages at once on LinkedIn.
Simply select the messages you want to delete.
Then, click on the trash can icon.

Can I Delete Messages From a Specific Person Without Blocking Them on Linkedin?

Yes, you can delete messages from a specific person on LinkedIn without blocking them.
Simply go to your message inbox, find the conversation with that person, and click on the three dots to delete the messages.

Are There Any Time Limitations for Deleting Messages on Linkedin?

There are no time limitations for deleting messages on LinkedIn. You can delete any message at any time.
Simply locate the message, click on the three dots, and select ‘Delete’ from the options.


In conclusion, deleting LinkedIn messages is a crucial step to maintain your privacy and ensure a clutter-free inbox.

By following the step-by-step guide and avoiding common mistakes, you can efficiently clean up your message history.

Additionally, implementing best practices for securely deleting messages will provide an extra layer of protection.

The professional social media platform will soon add the feature to switch the conversation from chat to face-to-face using Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans by Verizon, or Zoom directly in your LinkedIn messages.

Deleting any questionable content will help keep you safe from any legal ramifications.

Remember to regularly delete unnecessary conversations and keep your LinkedIn inbox organized for a seamless networking experience.

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